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Ocoee River Cabin Rentals.

The Ocoee River flows north of the border of Tennessee and Georgia, and is popular for whitewater enthusiasts, hikers, mountain bikers, and people looking for peace and quite in the woods while enjoying a beautiful Ocoee River cabin rental. Trout fishing is another activity that attracts many fishermen to the Ocoee River area, and they usually prefer to stay in our riverfront cabin rentals. Let the friendly people at our reservations office answer more of your questions and help you plan a nice vacation to this beautiful Ocoee River area. Also, be sure to ask about our selection of pet friendly cabin rentals near the Ocoee River. Give us a call today. (706) 964-6032 

Vacation Cabin Rentals in Copperhill and McCaysville

We also offer a wide selection of cabin rentals in Copperhill, TN and rental cabins in McCaysville, GA. These two picturesque towns reside on the border of Tennessee and Georgia, and the bridge here delimits the Ocoee River from the Toccoa River. Many of our vacation guests prefer the relaxing comforts of a beautiful rental cabin near Copperhill and McCaysville for a vacation that includes fishing, tubing and whitewater on the Ocoee River.

Ocoee Whitewater Center

The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta used this area of the Ocoee River for the canoe slalom venue, and today recreations enjoy rafting, tubing and playing along this portion of the river. People also enjoy renting cabins along this stretch of river and we offer a nice selection of fully equipped cabin rentals ideally located for the river enthusiast in mine. The Ocoee Whitewater Center is west downstream from Ducktown, Tennessee.

Big Frog and Little Frog

Tennessee has a very wild and beautiful area within the Cherokee National Forest, and these are the Big Frog Wilderness Area and the Little Frog Wilderness Area. The Big Frog owes its beauty to the mountains and creeks that flow through the 8,000 acres. Hiking trails rated as "low use" wind through the backcountry, part of which is named the popular Benton MacKaye trail. People from across the country enjoy spending vacation times with Big and Little Frog, and we offer a selection of cabin rentals near this area. 

Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals

If you're looking to spend more time in the Blue Ridge area, either near Lake Blue Ridge, along the Toccoa River or inside the Aska Adventure Area, stay in one of our affordable Blue Ridge cabin rentals. Blue Ridge has a brewery or two, some nice restaurants, and some of the friendliest people along the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

A River Named After the Purple Passion Flower

The name Ocoee has its roots in the Cherokee name for the Purple Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) which is the Tennessee state wildflower. The Cherokee referred to the Passion Vine as "ocoee" where "oco" refers to the plant, and “ee” describes the location. The word “ocoee” literally means the apricot vine place, and today, the beautiful Ocoee River and Ocoee Valley get its Cherokee name from this flowering plant.

A River That Begins With Another Name

While the Ocoee River does indeed flow north of the Tennessee/Georgia border, the river originates south of the border more than 30 miles and during this stretchy, the river is the Toccoa. And yes, the Cherokees had a say. You see, the Ocoee and Toccoa Rivers are the same river, with one name south of the border, and another north of the border. These two names are the names for this single 93-mile-long river that flows northwestward from the Aska Adventure Area in Georgia, through Lake Blue Ridge and towards the border towns of McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee. Once the river flows north of the river, it becomes the Ocoee River, and it continues along its way to create some of the best whitewater experiences in the Eastern States, as well as fantastic fishing, and beautiful vacation cabin rentals.

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